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More information will be added as we become aware of it. If you or your organisation or group has information or events that can be included here then please send it in. Please also look at our website Links page. Horsham District Older Peoples Forum is a member of the Horsham District Dementia Action Alliance and attends their meetings.

The difficulties of looking after someone with dementia and the problems around the NHS 'Care package' system has been discussed at the Horsham District Older Peoples Forum public meetings.  Attending meetings is free and open to anyone aged 60 or above or who cares for someone who is.

If you have experiences or information you wish to share please email hdopforum@gmail.com and if you can, do come along to our public meetings. The next regular public meeting is on 4th December 2018 10.30am - 1pm Ashington Centre, Foster Lane Ashington.

 If you wish to ask an MP a question in person then please come along to the HDOPF MP Question Time, free event on Friday 16th November 2018 at the Council Offices, Parkside, Horsham. 10.30am - 1pm. Tea/coffee 10.15am. Please email hdopforum@gmail.com to book your place. 


The social care crisis is about more than money Times 3rd October 2018


Alzheimers Society - Living with dementia magazine 

Future Learn  - 
free online learning courses in many categories including health & mental health. See or example 'Creating moments of joy for people with Alzheimer's' 

My Care Matters

Thank you for your interest in Mycarematters at the HDOPF meeting in Colgate recently (29th August 2018), and for requesting further information. 

As you may remember, it all started when my late husband had to move to a care home for what turned out to be the final 13 months of his life. He had advanced dementia, was unable to communicate in the conventional sense and needed help to wash, dress and eat.

 I created a wall chart to share with staff the things I knew he'd have talked about if he'd been able, and variations of that original chart have since been adopted by over 1,200 care homes across the UK. When hospitals started to use them, I realised how important it was to have access to someone's needs and preferences without delay. 

So I created Mycarematters, an online tool where people can create a profile of the information they want healthcare professionals to know in advance of a hospital stay. 

We ask hospitals using Mycarematters to provide a way of displaying a person's Mycarematters profile behind their bed, and we provide blank charts for those people who do not wish to or are unable to use the Internet. The idea is that the information, short enough to be read at a glance, is available to everyone interacting with the patient. 

We're now working with hospitals and carers groups in five counties, and we're also doing some exciting work exploring how Mycarematters can help kickstart those difficult conversations around Advanced Care Planning and end-of-life wishes.

 I invite you to create a Mycarematters profile for yourself or a relative - it's free and very easy to use, just click on the link below. Meanwhile, please spread the word!  Anyone at risk of a hospital stay and potentially unable to communicate should have a Mycarematters profile in place, and any hospital wishing to provide dignified and person-centred care should be encouraged to adopt the Mycarematters System.

 With kind regards, Zoe Harris Founder / CEO Mycarematters


Do you or someone you know with dementia receive nuisance and scam calls? If so you can apply for free call blockers at www.friendsagainstscams.org.uk/callblocker

Call blockers - free for dementia sufferers

K2 Crawley offer a range of dementia friendly water based activities tailored to the individual (some people like to do aqua-fit, others swim lanes and some just like to play), people travel from East Grinstead and Surrey to use the service, it is not limited to those resident in Crawley. The scheme is supported by the Amateur Swimming Association and forms part of a study into the effects of swimming on people with dementia. I'm also able to direct to other local 50+ activities.

The scheme involves six free sessions in which we establish a pool routine, register the individual as a (reduced rate pay as you go) member and collect some information for the study, a carer (or two if needed) always goes free. To register someone I need their name, address and date of birth and/or the contact details of them/their carer as appropriate.

We're holding a Dementia Friendly aqua-fit event on Valentine's Day before our winter heart warmer event which will showcase some of the other activities available in the centre and in the community.

I can also come out to active life/well being events where appropriate with or without pool equipment to stimulate - so if there's a group you think might have a swimmers or two that could be persuaded into the water do let me know. 

Flick McLuckie

K2 Dementia Friendly Swimming Co-ordinator

Dementia Friendly Horsham

Support for families facing dementia - Dementia UK   Helpline 0800 888 6678

Age UK Horsham - dementia clubs  Please see the separate Age UK page

Alzheimer's Society        National Dementia Helpline 0300 222 1122

Carers Support West Sussex  Helpline 0300 028 8888 Monday - Friday  9-5,  Wed 9-7pm

Action on Elder Abuse - confidential helpline 0808 808 8141

Contact the Elderly Supported by a network of volunteers, Contact the Elderly organises monthly Sunday afternoon tea parties for small groups of older people aged 75 and over, who live alone, offering a regular and vital friendship link every month. 0800 716 543

Community Link Alarms

Dementia Adventure - holidays for people living with dementia and their carers

Make your home dementia friendly

National Framework for NHS continuing healthcare and NHS funded nursing care

Newspaper articles (see also Newspaper articles page)

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Unforgettable - Website with advice, services and products with regards dementia including Lasting Powers of Attorney

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