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"Fit for Good (FFG) is (a commercial limited company) running an independent programme based in Pulborough, specifically designed to help seniors enjoy becoming more mobile, more stable and more socially active in the community.

FFG is aimed at seniors who are doing little or no exercise but want to improve their health. 

Our aim is to overcome the usual obstacles to participating in a fitness programme – fear of what might be involved, lethargy, cost, transport, self-consciousness – and ensure members are participating in regular beneficial exercise. 

We are finding that the sessions have been helpful for a wide range of existing conditions, including those recovering from strokes, as the exercises can be adapted to almost all levels of ability. 

Comments so far have included:

“I can already get in and out of the car more easily”

“It’s magic, I can lift my arm higher and move my fingers more easily. Just magic”

“There isn’t anywhere I can get to that offers this kind of exercise, this is wonderful” 

The sessions involve an hour of exercise, followed by a half-hour social break with free coffee and tea.  

Our sessions are held in Pulborough Village Hall:

Mondays 11am - 12.30pm

Tuesdays 2pm - 3.30 pm

Fridays  11.15am -12.45pm 

We are starting a Thursday, 2 pm - 3.30 pm, men-only session from October 10th, as we’ve found there are some men who would prefer this format.

  All of our trainers are fully qualified, most to GP Referral level and very experienced in working with seniors.  

 The first session attended is always free, so participants can decide if this is something they’d like to continue. 

Sessions are purchased in packages of 12 for £77 which includes one free session and free coffee and tea.

We would love to have you come to see what we are doing, and the results we are achieving, in a village where the nearest gym facilities are a ten-minute drive away, an impossible obstacle to many of our participants.  

Our plan is to expand within Sussex, aiming at villages without gym facilities, or working with gym facilities to offer senior programmes,  then more widely across the south-east."

To see our website click here

Please note whilst HDOPF supports the aims of this fitness programme for older people, Fit For Good is a commercial limited company and the Forum cannot endorse or recommend it at this early stage (September 2019). All the information above has been supplied by the company and the HDOPF does not benefit in any way or form.

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