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If you believe that you have been a victim of fraud you can report it online

or by telephone: 0300 123 2040


Friends Against Scams - Callblocker

Criminals pretend to be from trusted organisations to make you give them your money and personal info. Never assume the person on the phone is genuine. 


Police can't cope with avalanche of fraud cases Times 25th January 2020

Banks still failing to repay victims of online scams despite code Telegraph 24th January 2020

I had been scammed - it felt like an electric shock Times 29th December 2019

Crooks know how to beat the system - and banks don't seem to care 

Times 29th December 2019

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'Incidents of fraud referred to the NFIB by Action Fraud, Cifas and UK Finance will include reports from businesses and other organisations. They also tend to mostly be focused on the more serious cases. This is because they only include crimes that the victim considers serious enough to report to the authorities or where there are viable lines of investigation.

As a result, fraud offences referred to the authorities make up a relatively small proportion of the overall volume of fraud. 

This is supported by findings from the CSEW, which suggests that less than one in five incidents of fraud (19%) are reported by the victim to either the police or to Action Fraud'

ONS Crime in England & Wales - to 31st December 2018


Ten pension scams we should fear most Times 20th July 2019

Pension scams cost £4billion Times 19th July 2019

TSB first bank to issue 'refund guarantee' for all fraud victims Sunday Telegraph 14th April 2019 

'Defeatist' police fail to investigate fraud cases Times 2nd April 2019

Beware bogus British Gas callers in stolen uniforms Times 24th December 2018


Surrey & Sussex Police Fraud Squad bulletins 

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January 2020

December 2019

November 2019

October 2019

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Who's that at the door? Identity thieves looking for their parcels Sunday Times 25th August 2019

Holidaymakers lose £7m in 'sophisticated' booking frauds Times 7th May 2019

John Lewis adds cyber-scams to home insurance Times 5th May 2019

TSB first bank to issue 'refund guarantee for all fraud victims Sunday Telegraph 14th April 2019

I signed over control and he sold my house - how Powers of Attorney disputes can tear families apart The Times 6th January 2019

Fake truffle farmers con savers out of their pensions Times 14th December 2018

Don't block scam texts, say banks Sunday Times 21st October 2018

Police set targets to investigate fewer than half of crimes Telegraph 8th October 2018

450,000 fraud reports booted out by police algorithm Times 7th October 2018

Banks keep fraud details from police Sunday Times 30th September 2018

Savers lose £1m a day to banking swindlers Times 25th September 2018

If you think the taxman was slow, try phoning Action Fraud Sunday Times 12th August 2018


"More than 40% of the crimes that people living in the UK experience are committed through the internet. Online fraud has become our most common crime. You are 20 times more likely to be robbed at your computer than mugged in the street. Your social media accounts are as likely to be burgled as your house." How to catch a crook:behind the scenes of a police raid on a cyber criminals home Sunday Times 19th August 2018 


Half of landline calls to the elderly come from cold callers Telegraph 8th September 2018

Financial Conduct Authority urged to act on cold calls as Treasury dither over ban Sunday Times 19th August 2018


Have you been a victim of elder abuse fraud?

If so, and you’re over 55 and live in Sussex then specialist volunteers at the Sussex Elder Abuse Recovery Service (EARS) are here to help you.

EARS volunteers will be on hand to support you

and help to rebuild your confidence and regain your independence.

EARS also provide support for people currently experiencing on-going psychological and/or financial abuse, including scams.  

They cover West Sussex and Brighton, Hove and East Sussex. 

If you would like to find out more please contact: Gail Shanahan, Elder Abuse Recovery Service Volunteer Co-ordinator 

Tel. 07508 823975 

Email: gailshanahan@elderabuse.org.uk


Photo: Martin Bruton HDOPF & NHW with Janice Brown, Sussex Police at the Raising awareness of Fraud 'Take 5' event - 25th January 2018 - Swan WalkHorsham District Older Peoples Forum with TSB Bank, Sussex Police - Prevention, Horsham District NHW & Citizens Advice Horsham

Join Friends Against Scams - National Trading Standards Scams Team



Your computer passwords - police advice VIDEO 

Sussex Police Operation Signature - to identify & support victims of fraud

  Action on Elder Abuse confidential help and advice line 0808 808 8141

BT - Call protect - stop nuisance & cold calls service (free)


trueCall - stop nuisance calls 


Do you or someone you know with dementia receive nuisance and scam calls?

 If so you can apply for free call blockers at https://www.friendsagainstscams.org.uk/callblocker


Get Safe Online - free online advice

To be better informed and protected join or start a NHW scheme for your road. Email us for further information or search to check your address for a NHW for your road on 'OurWatch'

Alert over bitcoin investment scams Times 29th May 2018

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