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Useful reference reports and documents

HM Government 2019 - 2020 Better Care Fund: Policy Framework

(Dept of Health & Social Care and Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government)

"The Government is committed to the aim of person-centred integrated care, with
health, social care, housing and other public services working seamlessly together
to provide better care. This type of integrated care is the key to strong, sustainable
local health and care systems which prevent ill-health (where possible) and the
need for care, and avoid unnecessary hospital admissions. It also ensures that
people receive high-quality care and support in the community. For people who
need both health and social care services, this means only having to tell their story
once and getting a clear and comprehensive assessment of all their needs with
plans put in place to support them. This means they get the right care, in the right

place, at the right time". 

Britains grey towns: find out if you will be living in a pensioner dominated area Sunday Telegraph 14th April 2019

'Behind the headlines - the battle to get care at home' - Age UK report May 2018

Pavement & on-street parking in England - Parliamentary briefing - February 2016

Promising approaches to reduce loneliness and isolation in later life - joint report from Age UK & the Campaign to End Loneliness 

West Sussex Life - Report - December 2016 - 'Later life' 

Continuing to Care? Is NHS Continuing Healthcare supporting the people who need it in England? - report November 2016

What is NHS Continuing Healthcare? - NHS Easy Read 

'Social Care for Older People - home truths' - Kings Fund report Sep 2016

Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG Summer 2016 newsletter 

Horsham District Council report - Preparing for an Ageing Population 2011 - 2016

HDC - Older Peoples Directory of Services 2014 (new edition due early 2017)

WSCC - West Sussex Care Guide 2015/16

Practical Guide to Healthy Ageing

A Practical Guide to Healthy Caring

Reversal of cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease - Research paper - Aging June 2016

NHS digital - 'We are the trusted national provider of high-quality information, data and IT systems for health and social care.'

Sussex Elders Commission report 2015-2016 (Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner)

Action on Elder Abuse - 2016 Criminal Offence Briefing paper

Sunday Times 22nd January 2017

Hounded for non-existent debt

I HAVE a complaint about a debt collector firm, which is hassling me although I do not owe any money. The bank the debt refers to agrees I don’t. Who can I turn to? BD, Devon

BD could consider having his complaint looked into by the debt collector’s trade body, the Credit Services Association. A downloadable form is available from www.csa-uk.com. Or call 0191 217 0775, initially choosing option 3. 

SL, a reader whom I pointed in this direction, reports back that the organisation has been extremely helpful and consequently she is no longer being chased by the five different debt collecting companies that had been pursuing her for a non-existent bill.

Debt collectors are obliged not to harass in this way. Civil action could be taken against them, although this is an extreme and possibly expensive measure that is probably best avoided.
A helpful resource is the National Debtline.

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